Poetry Workshop der 4C

Die SchülerInnen bekommen ein Schlüsselwort und bilden dazu sechs Assoziationen, mit denen sie in circa 10 Minuten ein Gedicht schreiben. Hier einige Ergebnisse:


love, friends, smile, sadness, bi***, instagram;

Fake like the reason why I was late,

Fake like the smile at your jokes that I made,

Fake like saying „Yes mom I’m studying!“

When the only thing I do is some Netflix binge watching,

Fake like the reason I can´t come today,

Fake like the appointment I had yesterday,

Fake like the homework I forgot at home,

Fake like me saying „Didn´t have any help I did this on my own“,

Fake like all the homework I´ve copied so far,

Fake like the amount I took of the Carambar;

This is where the poem ends goodbye my readers and friends.


The rain comes and goes,

The flowers grow old

Some may smell sweet,

But have toxins inside

And comparing all of them, 

Will only keep tearing them apart


On a summer’s day it is hard to find a little shade,

But most people go out and cool off

And why do people throw shade at each other?

When all it does is want to kill one another

Flowers/a love poem

When the weather is pretty

The flowers are too

And the tulips are red,

Like my heart, (which) I give to you

The spring is so colourful

And the birds are flying in the sky

Just as soft as your voice sounds

They’re singing for us a sweet lullaby


The raindrops are falling

So you can’t see my tears

My sadness is like a mixture

Of all my nightmares and fears

I don’t know if it’s depression

Or just a bad week

All I know is, that right now, I’m feeling so weak

I feel like I’m drowning

In the tears that I’m crying

Usually I want to live forever

But right now I just feel like I’m dying


The Devil inside me

Just wants to set fire

To escape from my own hell

Is my greatest desire

The devil inside me

Burns down my heart

I feel it’s becoming short

Don’t want to live forever

Just want to be my own lord

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